♔♔...Mai Phương Thúy

Just 10 photos were taken by Quoc Huy photographer not long ago for album named "Khoe nét xuân thì" (show the moment of a growing up enoughed girl), showing the beauty of ivory pearls former Miss Vietnam and Vietnamese ao dai. Creating album with the help of makeup, costume designer Duc Hung.

Pure white Ao Dai, flying in the wind, bare feet as a former Miss make the image more impressive.

The sexy curves of a woman blur behide the thin skin coat, through the expression of Mai Phương Thúy, may sobbing every heart.

The reverse light technology effects amazing beauty of Mai Phuong Thuy to be sparkling and fanciful.

Miss Vietnam 2006, til now, Mai Phuong Thuy is considered the most beautiful Miss and attractive to the public the most durable. She has bold Asian beauty, and mixed with modern features.

The album get sublimated emotions have peaked and the moment was full of art photographer Quoc Huy retractable lens.

Mai Phuong Thuy has established a record of Miss Vietnam highest ever, with a height of 1.81 meters. She was a Miss is loved by the public charity active.

Photographer Quoc Huy said his emotions make the image at: "I was surprised by how professional and very seriously work she does. Thuy go to labs on time and fully focused in front of the lens. "

"Mai Phuong Thuy has given me the real feelings, with great beauty and the arts flourish to its peak" - Quoc Huy.